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Hey Hey, I'm Shannon!

My entire life had always been about what happens TO me.  I believed that the way others acted and the events, opportunities, and things that came into my life were a reflection of my worth...and this translated into years of feeling sorry for myself and feeling like the underdog.
I struggled with low self-esteem and a lack of self-love.  I had a nagging in my soul, and deep down I knew I was made for bigger things, but I didn't know how to get out of the rut of insecurity.
I was taught to dream big.  I was given opportunities.  But when it came down to it, my lack of belief would cause me to self-sabotage and run away from the things that were there to help me grow.
I would wince when complimented for fear that the next time I wouldn't live up to the expectations I had now set for people.
I saw myself as a victim.  I had decided that the only way I would value myself was if someone else gave me permission.  So I sought out love and attention in my coy way, and if others didn't validate me I used my interpretation of their feelings as a measure of my value.
It was a no-win situation.  I was struggling hard.  And it was exhausting.
And despite the good life I was leading, I questioned whether maybe I was just destined for failure.
Failure to create beautiful relationships.  Failure to create a secure financial life for my family.
Then years ago, something changed.
My whole world flipped upside down and my entire thinking shifted.  And with it, I upleveled my life in a huge and dramatic way.
I learned the truth.
I learned that life is not at all about what what happens to me.  Life was not about good and bad luck.  Not about perceived negative things being a statement of my worth.
I learned that my life was a direct reflection of my own energy - my vibrations.  A crazy cool combination of my thoughts, my feelings, and the beautiful things that happen when I act on the high vibe ones.
I started to rise.  I stripped off the insecurity, the fear, the negative thinking, and now I'm fearless and living in my power and destiny.  I’m creating my life just by thinking better feeling thoughts and taking inspired action on them.
And I'm on a mission to help other mamas just like me break free from the chains of insecurity and negative thinking to step into their power to be women who DREAM & DO too.
Come join our group of empowered women and let's rise together!
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